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Finally, I have opened the shop on the website. Please be patient as I learn how the sales will work on weebly. I don't know if items will come off the website when they are purchased or if I have to take them off myself. If you want a piece but want to make sure someone else hasn't already bought it, before paying for it, send my an email and I can verify for you. If I get multiple requests for the same piece I will send it to the first person that ordered it and send a refund to anyone else who ordered.
Thank you for all that you do.

06/13/2012 2:32pm

I had the artist custom make a 6 inch pie plate. It makes 4 pieces of pie. I made my first pie in it this week. Blueberry. Totally delicious, just the right size.

07/10/2012 8:34pm

I like that Black Serving Bowl. Very Sharp. I may own it someday.


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    I am a UW-L graduate and am starting a pottery studio online. Work updates will be posted on here as well as your comments regarding the work and/or the website.


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